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Sofacto is an application conceived and developed in the environment, the world leader in cloud software for enterprises.
The reliability and power of its features allow you to generate invoices automatically and without errors, collect your payments faster and analyze your performance indicators in real time. Choose Sofacto for its rapid ROI (licenses from 25 € per month) and for its competent and responsive technical support.

Simplified and secure daily procedures

Sofacto makes your day-to-day sales and billing administration tasks faster, more convenient, more reliable.

– Generation of invoices and credit notes
– Follow-up reminders
– Dunning Processes
– Customer history
– Automation of your business processes

Easily convert a quote to an invoice (only in french)
Create a credit note from an invoice (only in french)

Des démarches quotidiennes simplifiées et sécurisées

Gérer simplement tous les scénarios de facturation

Easily manage all billing scenarios

The application goes even further by proposing the management of complex invoicing cases thanks to adapted, customizable and efficient plans.

– Management of recurring billing (subscriptions)
– Billing and settlement schedules
– Management of several trade names and multiple currencies
– Price revisions

Manage subscriptions (only in french)
Generate billing schedules (only in french)
Generate payment schedules (only in french)

Dashboards so you know everything at a glance

Performance indicators allow you to make the best decisions quickly and easily, with full knowledge of the facts.

– Centralized reporting via customizable dashboards
– Monitoring of multiple indicators: commercial pipeline, order book, turnover, collections, late payments …
– Real-time data update
– Possible collaboration with control of the level of access to the global and / or sensitive data

View Performance Indicators (only in french)
Tracking late payments (only in french)

Tracez les règlements pour mieux piloter votre trésorerie

Monitor payments to better manage your cash flow

Your receivables remain under control thanks to the application: invoices are issued on time, unpaid claims are identified more quickly and management of the reminder is facilitated.

– Follow-up of invoicing issued and forecast
– Monitoring of receipts and alerts on outstanding payments
– Organized Dunning Process and Follow-up
– Possible involvement of all your services in the monitoring of receivables

Manage your payments (only in french)
Manage Your Customer Reminders (only in french)

Customizable interface for optimized experience

Use Sofacto by adapting it to your needs. Your teams will thus gain even more time and efficiency on a daily basis

– Customizing fields and user interface
– Multilingual French / English (other languages possible)
– Management of several trade names and multiple currencies
– Automation of complex scenarios
– Customization of invoice and credit note models

Customize Sofacto permissions (only in french)
Customize invoice templates and credit notes (only in french)

Une interface personnalisable pour mieux gérer la facturation

Profitez de la sécurité, flexibilité et rapidité du Cloud avec Salesforce

Enjoy Cloud security, flexibility and speed

Based on widely approved Cloud technology, Sofacto offers you all the advantages of the cloud: security; speed; reliability; accessibility …

– Shared data, facilitated collaboration
– Your data accessible anywhere, all the time
– Cloud Performance and Security

Discover cloud security

Bill into Salesforce for 30 days

You have nothing to lose, just time and money to gain.


Sofacto is a perfect tool, as it can be customized.
We have gained an incredible amount of time in the creation of invoices and credit notes.
The technical team listens to us and is very responsive. A perfect product and service!


Emilien Eychenne, ADIKTEEV


Very good fit for international SMEs, with a good mix of standard features and scalability.
The gain in visibility, especially on forward billing is a big step forward for us, as well as the reconciliations
of amounts billed / paid.




Thanks to Sofacto, it was possible to significantly reduce the time between
billing and payment. The flexibility of the tool and its perfect integration
with SalesForce are really appreciated by all users who have been trained
in record time. [...] I highly recommend this tool.


Xavier Palou, EMD


We knew exactly what we wanted, and Sofacto met our expectations!
The application allowed us to centralize our tools and save time across all departments.
Personally, monitoring billing is 50% of my work, and Sofacto has really made my life easier!




I tested a dozen tools. They were either too expensive or didn’t perform well.
We are really satisfied with the application and also with our collaboration
during the deployment of the solution.



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