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Almost all of our efforts are part of a partnership approach, in a win-win spirit. Much more than a term too often overused or a vague abstract notion, the Partnership is a pillar of our business plan.

Our employees and our customers are our first partners. They bring us their trust and we must do everything in a team to renew it.

SALESFORCE.COM represents, by itself, a category of partners – as complete as it is complex: its role, both technologically and commercially, is omnipresent. This is also the case for the other players that make up this particular ecosystem: the AEs, of course, but also the integrators and some publishers of the AppExchange.

We also consider as partners the institutional players of the regional ecosystem: Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole, the BIC Cap Omega, LR Transfers, the Occitan Region, Digital 113 (ex etc.

The financials partners, in the first rank of which KALIOP Group, BPI France and Banque Populaire du Sud, are also essential to our development.

And finally our technological partners GoCardless and DOCUSIGN.

All of these partners support us, in one way or another, at different stages of our growth and must be considered by all of us as such.

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