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Chorus Pro

What does Neovacom do ?

Neovacom develops a cloud-based business process automation platform that improves the productivity of  financial and administrative activities.

The partnership between Sofacto and Neovacom simplifies the submission of the invoices on the chorus-pro portal for fast, reliable and secure electronic invoicing.

Sofacto has just integrated into its new version (Spring ’20) the possibility of preparing UBL2 XML files for export to the Chorus Pro portal using the Neovacom connector.

Among the many improvements made to the application, it is now possible to identify eligible invoices and track their Chorus processing.

As a reminder, in 2016, the State launched the Chorus-Pro portal to dematerialise the invoicing of public bodies and therefore required suppliers to issue all their invoices electronically and submit them to the Chorus Pro portal.

The milestone of 100,000,000 invoices submitted to the portal will be passed this year. The electronic invoicing solution developed to meet the obligations set by the order of 26 June 2014 had received more than 84 million invoices from more than 130,000 active structures (source: AIFE, Agency for State Financial IT). The number of filings is constantly increasing. From 11.1 million in 2017, they rose to over 27 million in 2018 and over 45 million in 2019, a growth of 66%.

Frederi SCOTTO, President of SOFACTO, states:

“This partnership is the result of collaborative innovation between Sofacto and Neovacom. By optimising the invoicing and collection chain, it enables our clients to streamline their business processes in an essential link in the management of companies working with the public sector. Exporting invoices in UBL2 XML format saves precious time when submitting them to Chorus-Pro. The follow-up fields in Sofacto provide better control over the settlement process. “

Neovacom develops a Cloud platform that simplifies the business processes of financial functions. By focusing on electronic invoicing, its Freedz platform aims to make relations between customers and suppliers more fluid.

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