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Pledge 1%

We invite you to join the Pledge 1% movement and commit 1% of your profits, your employees’ time or your production to contribute to the improvement of this world.

A philantropic vision rooted in the corporate culture

What is Pledge 1%?

Created by Salesforce founder Marc Benioff, Pledge 1% is a commitment that leverages the company’s people, technology and resources to help communities around the world:


At SOFACTO we have decided to donate 1% of our profits this year to the Association Halte Pouce. This association accompanies and supports people and families concerned by disability (all ages – all disabilities) in the Hérault region.


In this respect, we grant 3 extra days of leave for employees who wish to use their skills with the charities of their choice.

SOFACTO offers generous discounts or free access to its licences. In the same way, the company makes its old IT equipment available to associations.

A movement which is at the heart of our CSR approach

According to the European Commission, a company practicing CSR will seek to have a positive impact on society by going beyond the legal framework imposed while being economically viable.

At SOFACTO, we believe, like Michael Porter, Harvard management professor and one of the most influential consultants in the United States, that CSR is a way to regain the respect and esteem of the population while increasing its competitiveness. It is therefore following this principle that we have decided to implement CSR at SOFACTO and publish a short CSR guide for our employees.

But since we are nice people, we will share with you a few examples of good practice…


  • SOFACTO is committed with its team to reduce its environmental impact. First of all, we take advantage of the environmental advances of our partner SALESFORCE, which has achieved ZERO net greenhouse gas emissions. Thus, SALESFORCE uses 100% renewable energy and its cloud is made carbon neutral by offsetting emissions.
  • The company systematically recycles everything it consumes, a vermicomposter has also been installed in the dustbin room and finally, special attention is paid whenever possible to the environmental impact of our supplies.
  • Our employees who come by bicycle are rewarded with a bonus.
  • In September 2020, as part of World CleanUp Day, we organised our first team beach clean-up followed by an aperitif. We will try to repeat the experience as often as possible.
  • We try to make the team aware of unnecessary consumption (systematic extinction of unused parts, extinction of electrical sockets at the end of the day …).


Social and Societal 

  • In addition to the different types of sponsorship mentioned above (financial, skills, in kind) SOFACTO pays particular attention to respecting parity and diversity within the team, so to date we can be pleased to have achieved a total parity of 50% women and 50% men at SOFACTO. In truth, since the article was written, we can tell you that women have taken over and we have just reached 55% women and 45% men in the company.
  • We are convinced that we have a lot to learn from each and every one of us, so we are happy to welcome collaborators from diverse backgrounds and this despite the red tape and administrative difficulties that this creates!
  • We have set up several actions to help the underprivileged (toy collection, reverse calendar) and people from underprivileged backgrounds (presentation of digital professions, welcoming trainees). This commitment was made official in 2018 when we signed the Companies & Neighbourhoods Charter.

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