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An interview with Laurence ALIBERT, Director of Operations at SOFACTO.

In a few words, could you explain the background of the creation of your Partner Certification Program?

As you already know, 100% of companies need to invoice and collect. This represents an opportunity for our integrator partners to improve their consulting value and increase the number of days of their Salesforce projects by integrating the billing component.
Installing Sofacto, just like Salesforce, depends on the complexity of the project, it can take from 3 to 100 days, but I reassure you that on average it represents between 10 and 15 days. This is why we have set up a Certification Program with our integrator partners.

You often talk about “neither subcontracting nor co-contracting”, what does that mean exactly?

For a project to be successful, the integrator must be able to manage the project from start to finish and the client must have only one contact. This is why we wanted to train our integrator partners in Sofacto in order to make them autonomous and independent in their projects.

What exactly does this program consist of?

We ask our partners to follow training courses. Indeed, in order to ensure the success of our joint projects, we have set up several levels of training and at the end of each training, you will have reached the level to follow the next.
The first level, Discovery, allows you to understand the challenges of the Sofacto application and to understand our environment in Salesforce (with the different generic functionalities) during a demo. 

Once trained, you can access different levels of certification:

  • Registered
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum


These levels depend on three complementary criteria: trained employees, deployed Sofacto projects, shared lead disco.

Our partner certification program allows integrators to become a Sofacto expert and benefit from the advantages of all our certified partners:

  • A certification training, composed of self-training modules (Trailhead-like), a sandbox configuration test, and individual interviews.
  • Our support in the pre-sales and project phases
  • Participation in scoping workshops to put your projects on the right track,
  • Editor’s expertise days at partner rates,
  • Access to technical and marketing resources,
    Access to our knowledge base,
  • Joint webinars.


Can you tell us more about the registration process and how it is covered by the OPCO?

Our training courses can be followed in two different ways:

  • Dedicated training (intra)
  • Shared training (inter)

SOFACTO is a DATADOCK registered training organization, so you can ask your OPCA for financing.

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