Our mission: Balance transactional processes. 

With 15 years of experience in driving digital projects and strongly inspired by the growth and innovation dynamics of Salesforce, the world leader in B2B cloud applications, we have created Sofacto to help companies focus on their job.

 In real terms, Sofacto supports companies of all sizes in their digital transformation. Our team helps them build or evolve their Information System to become a source of competitive advantage. Our applications, designed, developed and hosted on the Force.com technology base, are easy to use and enable our customers’ employees to save time and be more efficient.

 All our applications are designed and developed and hosted on the Force.com technology platform. These apps are available on AppExchange, the Salesforce Marketplace,  SOFACTO being Salesforce’s ISV Partner since 2013.

SOFACTO is committed to CSR

We believe that the company has a role to play in helping communities around the world. That is why we donate our employees’ time and part of our products to charities.

That’s why our team is committed to developing social, societal and environmental performance through the Pledge 1% movement.

From its inception, SOFACTO has taken part in the Pledge 1% initiative that Salesforce started 17 years ago.

This commitment is to leverage the company’s employees, technology and resources to help communities around the world.
This integrated approach to philanthropy is called the 1-1-1 model:

– 1% of capital or profits paid to a philanthropic project
– 1% of working time made available to a philanthropic project
– 1% of products offered to a philanthropic project

We invite you to join this movement and commit 1% of your capital or profits, your employees’ time or your production to contribute to the improvement of our world.

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I was initially hired as a Support Agent, but during the interview we discussed the possibility of switching me
to a Knowledge Manager position. Knowledge management and documentation being already one of my two
favorite topics, I'm very happy to have the opportunity to work on it today and to manage a support team.
What attracts me to SOFACTO is the very friendly working atmosphere with a top team but also the listening
skills of the management team, you can bring ideas which are not only listened to, but often you have the agreement
to implement them. It's the first time in my professional career that my ideas are listened to at this point, it's very


Marie-Theres DUBOIS, Knowledge Manager

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I started as a Full Stack Developer at SOFACTO, today I am Lead Developer. I have learned a lot and evolved
in the vision of my work, the structuring of processes, the understanding of the product and the expectations
of the customers. I've learned a lot.
What I like the most about SOFACTO is its team and the technical challenges related to the platform. I also
like the participative management set up, in fact whether you joined the company 1 day ago or since the
beginning, your opinion counts just as much.


David GIRALT, Lead Developer

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I appreciate the work environment which is healthy as well as the human side because it's a real team work
is done daily, with a lot of listening and communication. At SOFACTO, participating in the evolution of the company
is not just a concept, I have been given concrete tasks, my tasks are empowering and involve several positions. I also
feel that I'm making my own contribution.


Coumba SAMB, Technical-Functional Consultant

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Recruited without having previously worked in the Salesforce environment, SOFACTO gave me the opportunity to train
and certify myself on Salesforce. Today I have a sought-after profile with the Administrator certification and the complex
missions I am entrusted with allow me to develop my skills even more. The start-up spirit is very present, the employees
come from very diverse backgrounds, we are in close collaboration between all the departments (HR, Sales, RDI) and the
company's policy is co-constructed. It is a pleasure to come every morning to Sofacto to participate in its growth while
respecting its very human values.


Photo de Simon Lafont - Consultant

Simon Lafont, Technical-Functional Expert

Un chemin
I have found in SOFACTO everything that is fundamental for my professional and personal development:

- Elevation and benevolence, thanks to a protective framework, based on the respect of the human being and essential values.
- Challenge and inspiration, by having the means and the confidence to structure, organize, animate, anticipate, in multiple fields
related to Operations.
- Team spirit, pro-activity and complementarity in skills, backgrounds and cultures.
-Strategy and vision, carried and refined by everyone.


Laurence ALIBERT, Chief Operating Officer

Un chemin
Recruited in 2016 at SOFACTO, my position and my missions have evolved rapidly, which is very rewarding.
The values of the company, namely: benevolence, sense of commitment and support in the development of skills,
are values to which I adhere perfectly.
As a committed volunteer with a non-profit association, I attach particular importance to the fact that SOFACTO
is committed to the development of social, societal and environmental performance through the Pledge 1% movement.
What I appreciate in my job, beyond the diversity of the missions and the contact with a great team, is the possibility to
evolve within a start-up and to actively contribute to its growth since the beginning.


Chloé Roch - RH

Chloé ROCH, Corporate Communication & Talent Manager

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