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De l’opportunité à la facture en 1 clic

Sofacto est une application qui vous permet d’alléger votre temps de travail des tâches fastidieuses concernant la facturation qui ne créent pas directement de la valeur. Nos clients reconnaissent que l’utilisation de Sofacto leur permet de gagner en tranquillité, en fiabilité, mais surtout jusqu’à plusieurs semaines de travail par an !

Nos licences ne coûtent que quelques dizaines d’euros par mois et vous permettront rapidement d’obtenir un retour sur investissement. Et avant de souscrire, vous pouvez essayer l’application Sofacto gratuitement pendant 30 jours !


Sofacto is a perfect tool, as it can be customized.
We have gained an incredible amount of time in the creation of invoices and credit notes.
The technical team listens to us and is very responsive. A perfect product and service!


Emilien Eychenne, ADIKTEEV


Very good fit for international SMEs, with a good mix of standard features and scalability.
The gain in visibility, especially on forward billing is a big step forward for us, as well as the reconciliations
of amounts billed / paid.




Thanks to Sofacto, it was possible to significantly reduce the time between
billing and payment. The flexibility of the tool and its perfect integration
with SalesForce are really appreciated by all users who have been trained
in record time. [...] I highly recommend this tool.


Xavier Palou, EMD


We knew exactly what we wanted, and Sofacto met our expectations!
The application allowed us to centralize our tools and save time across all departments.
Personally, monitoring billing is 50% of my work, and Sofacto has really made my life easier!




I tested a dozen tools. They were either too expensive or didn’t perform well.
We are really satisfied with the application and also with our collaboration
during the deployment of the solution.



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